Virtual Team Building activities 

We customised virtual team building activities for your next team exercise.

Virtual team building activities

Building teams, virtually.

What may be impossible at a physical team building exercise may just be possible at a Virtual one!

Meet our team building experts and plan with us.



DIGITAL HUNT - Virtual team building activities

The Digital Hunt 

Bring out the Sherlock in you and decipher the clues placed in your office to locate your office friend post the lockdown. Make your team and solve this mystery when a clock is running out of time. At the end , your team will learn collaboration, communication and creative problem solving. The duration of this team building activity will be between 30-45 minutes. 






3D Escape - Virtual team building activities

The 3D Escape 

Experience an immersive 3D zone where you need to decode the laptop to get your team Vaccinated. Move around the spaces of a lab with your team and make this happen. Collaboration, coordination, and communication will play a vital role here. Get your colleagues to share out of the box ideas and work together towards a larger common goal.  Here is the demo link for this activity: The duration of team engagement activity will be 60 – 75 mins


Around the world - Virtual team building activities

Around The World

Beat the travel nostalgia in these times of restrictions. Allow your teams and clients to experience a destination offsite virtually. What will your team get out of this team building activity? A chance to look at the bigger picture and function as a team even in a virtual world. The duration of this activity would be 60-75 minutes.


VIRTUAL JUNK JAM - Virtual team building activities

Virtual Junk Jam

If you love music and are missing out on your jamming sessions during the office breaks, then we have got your music covered. Converting the high-energy, fun Drum Circle sessions into a Jam with the essentials around you. If there is one thing we can guarantee, it’s the energy build up and the fun that the participants will have. The time duration your team will get is 20 minutes.




A kick-ass Online Quiz designed to make you curious. All you got to do is scan a QR code on your phone and let your brains coordinate with your fingertips. Questions varying from countries to music, to culture and science; name it and you shall have it. The focus of this team engagement game is coordination and knowledge sharing, collect your teammates to experience 60-75 minutes of question-answering. 


Virtual Harmonica Jam

Virtual Harmonica Jam 

A unique way to blow the blues away with musical team building activity. We will courier the harmonicas to your office or so and have them delivered to the participantsOn the pre-decided day, the participants get to learn this kickass pocket piece in under 15 mins and by the time they are at the 30 – 40 mins mark, they’ll be playing like a pro. We can get them to share their videos which can be stitched and played on the D -Day.  An energy and fun-filled remote engagement is what this activity promises. 


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