In the era of the digital revolution, there has been a huge shift from a traditional process to digital alternatives. No matter how small or big the organization is, every business is adopting digital culture. This transformation has laid the new rules for competition, efficiency, and productivity. 

There is no denying that 2019 has set the pace of digitalization for companies. And the wind of this culture will expand in 2022. The last two years have definitely created a change amongst businesses, technologies, customer relationships, and workforces. 

Cultivating a digital mindset in the business isn’t as easy as it sounds. Stepping in new technology and rolling out the new strategies wouldn’t work until your team is on board. So, embedding new business techniques and thought processes throughout the organization is essential for digital transformation to last in the company.

When the competition in the market is high, the need to cultivate a digital mindset holds an integral part of business success. The most challenging part that the companies have experienced is lack of virtual communication.

Though digital work culture is about how work gets done, how and where conversation happens, and how to keep employees motivated, every organization has faced difficulties. Those who jumped over the hurdles of managing remote teams have been able to regain the momentum.

According to the studies, 43% of the employees would like to continue working remotely. Working remotely gives the freedom to the employees if the work-life balance is managed properly. 

A new work culture is here, both the organization and team are responsible for undermining digital success by creating a common understanding of the new work culture. But, what are the first steps? Communication, leadership, team support, and the right digital workplace tools are some of the few areas, to begin with. Here’s is the list of digital strategies you need to embed for a successful team building and culture adaptation. 

Evaluate your means and frequency of communication

Team Communication

With virtual teams, communication has been the most challenging issue. When employees are working remotely, there comes a lag of clear and right communication due to various reasons. 

As a team lead or the manager, you need to strategize the team meeting along with timely one-on-one meetings. Too much of either of these will exhaust the employees, demotivating them to join the calls. So, implementing the right strategy to work on the timely and right communication will be a huge asset to their productivity.  

Embrace transparency 

Team transparency

Embed the entire workforce into the digital world, not only the limited professionals. Every member of your team has the right to know the impact that digital culture is going to generate on revenue, sales, and productivity. Why?

It gives them clarity on what their actions might lead to if their graph of performance goes down. Also, an open and clear line of communication will employ employees to handle customers and clients with authenticity. 

To fine-tune the digitalization, you might practice implementation of internal memos, social media groups, monthly insights from senior executives on key development. 

Define your organization’s digital values

Core Values

Every organization has a set of values and aspects they practice, with digital as a new culture, they need to redefine their values. Digital work culture is an amalgam of collaboration, connection, adaptation, flexibility, transparency, and openness to create a positive future. 

Work on questions like does your organization have enough tools to deliver the company’s digital values? Because providing the right technology and technical support is the key to build an effective digital culture. While doing so, consider the insights from wider stakeholders to create a holistic set of values. 

Choose the right technology and methods

Right technology

Investing in technology isn’t the only thing that comes with digitalization. Choosing the right technology is also a part of it. For instance, introduce a technology that enables your employees to learn new skills. Furthermore, create opportunities for the team to learn upcoming technologies right from virtual reality to augmented technology. 

In remote work, the organization misses out on team-building methods. Whether it’s a team within the office walls or working virtually, practice collaborative tools or methods of bringing people together from diverse locations.

Maintain the work life balance

work life balance

The digital world has given the freedom to employees, but somehow they are considered to be always available. This majorly burns out their energy and willingness to work. The workload eventually hides the virtual office benefits.

Encourage your team to take a break to regain their energy, give them the time to connect and indulge in human interaction.  

Apart from official meetings, create a virtual space to indulge them in fun activities to relax their mind and bring back the enthusiasm in the team. Take your team on a digital detoxing tour with virtual team-building exercises to refuel their creativity and team bonding.

Be comfortable with risk and ideas

Risk doesn’t have to toss the company’s future, it’s about creating a workplace that is open to innovation and ideas. Due to the fast-moving pace of digital, most companies have adopted an agile work culture with data and insights overflowing in the market.

Any organization that is open to combining the employee’s skill and digital technologies will greatly enhance the efficiency and outcome. The key to digital growth lies in the assurance of trust between employees and the company and an open culture of innovation. 


A cultural transformation that came as a solution has now become the future of work. To strengthen your virtual team and digital strategies you need to define the core values for the company and employees. The challenge is to bring technology and humans together to create an environment similar to how it used to be inside the office. 

The above-listed 6 strategies will help your organization build a strengthening winning team. The most important of all is to bridge the gap within the team, by adopting the virtual team management exercise for collaboration, communication, increased productivity, and innovation. 

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